Latest Drugs, Latest Approval in Miscellaneous topical agents

What are Miscellaneous topical agents?

Topical agents are used locally, where the medicine is applied on the area being treated. For example creams, ointment and lotions are applied topically on the skin. Eye drops are instilled directly into the eyes.

The miscellaneous topical agents listed here are mostly agents used topically to treat skin conditions.

Name Updated
Hygel (topical) (Sodium hyaluronate (topical) [ soe-dee-um-hye-al-ure-on-ate ]) 21-Aug-2023
Hair regrowth treatment for women (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 21-Aug-2023
Gainextra (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 21-Aug-2023
Rogaine men's extra strength (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 21-Aug-2023
Regoxidine (for women) (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 21-Aug-2023
Luradrox (topical) (Sodium hyaluronate (topical) [ soe-dee-um-hye-al-ure-on-ate ]) 21-Aug-2023
Rogaine extra strength (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 21-Aug-2023
Capzasin-p (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Capzasin back and body (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Capsaicin topical (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Bimatoprost topical ophthalmic (Bimatoprost topical ophthalmic [ bye-mat-oh-prost-top-ik-al-off-thal-mik ]) 16-Aug-2023
Bexarotene (topical) (Bexarotene (topical) [ bex-ar-oh-teen ]) 16-Aug-2023
Balsam peru and castor oil topical (Balsam peru and castor oil topical [ bal-sam-pe-roo-and-kas-tor-oil-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Aspercreme warming pain relief patch (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (topical) (Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (topical) [ al-loo-min-um-klor-ide-hex-a-hye-drayt-top-ik-al ]) 16-Aug-2023
Sulfur topical (Sulfur topical [ sul-fur-top-i-kal ]) 16-Aug-2023
Pimecrolimus topical (Pimecrolimus topical [ pim-e-kroe-li-mus-top-ik-al ]) 16-Aug-2023
Glycopyrrolate topical (glycopyrronium cloth) (Glycopyrrolate topical (glycopyrronium cloth) [ glye-koe-pir-oh-late-top-ik-al ]) 15-Aug-2023
Diabetaid (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Crisaborole topical (Crisaborole topical [ kris-a-bor-ole-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Calamine (topical) (Calamine (topical) [ kal-a-mine ]) 15-Aug-2023
Zostrix sports (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Zostrix neuropathy (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Zostrix maximum strength foot pain (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Zostrix maximum strength (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Salonpas-hot (Capsaicin topical [ kap-say-sin-top-i-kal ]) 15-Aug-2023
Coal tar topical (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 14-Aug-2023
Coal tar (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 14-Aug-2023
Sodium hyaluronate (topical) (Sodium hyaluronate (topical) [ soe-dee-um-hye-al-ure-on-ate ]) 14-Aug-2023
Minoxidil topical (Minoxidil topical [ mi-nox-i-dil ]) 13-Aug-2023
Medicasp (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 13-Aug-2023
Eflornithine topical (Eflornithine topical [ ee-floor-nih-theen ]) 13-Aug-2023
Alitretinoin topical (Alitretinoin topical [ ah-lih-treh-tin-oyn ]) 13-Aug-2023
Zinc oxide topical (Zinc oxide topical [ zink-ox-ide ]) 12-Aug-2023
Tera gel (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 12-Aug-2023
Tacrolimus topical (Tacrolimus topical [ ta-kroe-li-mus ]) 12-Aug-2023
Selenium sulfide topical (Selenium sulfide topical [ se-lee-nee-um-sul-fide-top-ik-al ]) 12-Aug-2023
Regranex (Becaplermin topical [ be-kap-ler-min-top-ik-al ]) 12-Aug-2023
Becaplermin topical (Becaplermin topical [ be-kap-ler-min-top-ik-al ]) 11-Aug-2023
Anti-dandruff (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 07-Aug-2023
Neutrogena t/gel extra strength (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 07-Aug-2023
Pc tar (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 07-Aug-2023
Neutrogena t/derm (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 07-Aug-2023
Therapeutic (Coal tar topical [ kol-tar-top-ik-al ]) 07-Aug-2023
Protopic ointment (Tacrolimus topical [ ta-kroe-li-mus ]) 05-Aug-2023
Liquimat medium (Sulfur topical [ sul-fur-top-i-kal ]) 05-Aug-2023
Liquimat light (Sulfur topical [ sul-fur-top-i-kal ]) 05-Aug-2023
Latisse (Bimatoprost topical ophthalmic [ bye-mat-oh-prost-top-ik-al-off-thal-mik ]) 05-Aug-2023
Venelex (Balsam peru and castor oil topical [ bal-sam-pe-roo-and-kas-tor-oil-top-i-kal ]) 05-Aug-2023
Vaniqa (Eflornithine topical [ ee-floor-nih-theen ]) 05-Aug-2023