New Drugs, Latest FDA Approval Drugs

Name Drug Class Updated
Lenmeldy Drugs 26-May-2024
Danicopan Drugs 24-May-2024
Winrevair Drugs 24-May-2024
Sotatercept Drugs 22-May-2024
Atidarsagene Autotemcel Drugs 20-May-2024
Aquaphor Healing Diaper Rash For Baby Zinc Oxide Drugs 20-May-2024
Alvaiz Drugs 20-May-2024
Neuriva Ultra Brain Health Drugs 20-May-2024
Entyvio Pen Drugs 20-May-2024
Emzahh Drugs 20-May-2024
Klayesta Drugs 19-May-2024
Voydeya Drugs 18-May-2024
Medline Remedy Hydrating Serum U20 Complex Drugs 17-May-2024
Mg217 Psoriasis Therapeutic Shampoo And Conditioner Drugs 06-May-2024
Lifileucel Drugs 05-May-2024
Xolair Autoinjector Drugs 04-May-2024
Udenyca Onbody Drugs 02-May-2024
Abrilada Pen Drugs 01-May-2024
Eohilia Drugs 30-Apr-2024
Amtagvi Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Agamree Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Superior Omega3 Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Rezdiffra Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Resmetirom Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Nedosiran Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Vamorolone Drugs 29-Apr-2024
Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec Drugs 28-Apr-2024
Rivfloza Pre-Filled Syringe Drugs 28-Apr-2024
Zilucoplan Drugs 27-Apr-2024
Blistex Lip Protectant Drugs 27-Apr-2024
Pemivibart Drugs 27-Apr-2024
Pemgarda Drugs 27-Apr-2024
Ormalvi Drugs 23-Apr-2024
Oral Citrate Drugs 23-Apr-2024
Gluco-To-Go Drugs 22-Apr-2024
Geri-Dryl Allergy Relief Drugs 22-Apr-2024
Glycerin, Lidocaine, And Witch Hazel Topical Drugs 16-Apr-2024
Foster And Thrive Dry Eye Relief Drugs 16-Apr-2024
Foster And Thrive Children's Allergy Relief Drugs 16-Apr-2024
Chikungunya Vaccine, Live Drugs 13-Apr-2024
Camphor, Capsicum, And Menthol Topical Drugs 13-Apr-2024
Coal Tar And Menthol Topical Drugs 13-Apr-2024
Eflornithine Drugs 11-Apr-2024
Ixchiq Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Iwilfin Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Denorex Therapeutic Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Uro-Pain Maximum Strength Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Uro-Pain Dual Action Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Uro-Pain Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Systane Complete Preservative Free Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Renal Multivitamin Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Regener-Eyes Pro Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Refresh Tears Pf Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Refresh Relieva Pf Xtra Drugs 10-Apr-2024
Pemrydi Rtu Drugs 09-Apr-2024
Vitamin B-100 Complex Timed Release Drugs 08-Apr-2024
Vista Gonio Dry Eye Relief Drugs 08-Apr-2024
Visine Red Eye Comfort Drugs 08-Apr-2024
Melatonin Quick Dissolve Drugs 07-Apr-2024
Tucks Multi Care Relief Kit Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Tritolnacide S Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Nephro Vitamins Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Hemlibra 12 Mg/0.4 Ml Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Artiss Prima Syringe Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Murine Ear Wax Removal System Drugs 06-Apr-2024
Ozobax Ds Drugs 04-Apr-2024
Daytime Severe Cold And Flu Relief Drugs 05-Mar-2024
Durlobactam-Sulbactam Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Dramamine For Kids Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Diclona Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Diclofenac, Lidocaine, And Menthol Topical Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Diclofenac And Lidocaine Topical Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Dextromethorphan, Pheniramine, And Phenylephrine Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Dextromethorphan, Doxylamine, And Phenylephrine Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Dextromethorphan And Triprolidine Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Delandistrogene Moxeparvovec Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Avacincaptad Pegol Ophthalmic Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Augtyro Drugs 04-Mar-2024
Aspirin, Dextromethorphan, Doxylamine, And Phenylephrine Drugs 04-Mar-2024